6 Tips to Keep Your Readers Engaged In Your Blog

Keeping your blog readers engaged is the main aim of any blogger, isn’t it ? It is the only thing which will not only make the readers feel good about your blog but also build a good following. Which blog can boost to be successful without regular readers to it? After all Blog is for readers else it would be a case of Chicken Fry ready with no one to eat it. Especially Newbie bloggers forget the real targets for which they are writing. Here is a list of 5 Useful tips which will help you keep your readers more engaged.


#1 Valuable Content:

Content has always been the king and it will stay that way. This may be heard thousand times but still without good content a blog is just another webpage. Write in a way such that you are actually providing a solution for problems and not just an article. You should always keep in mind while targeting Search Engines that people are looking for solution and not just an essay. You should be able to help your readers gain knowledge on what you are actually blogging on.

#2 Write Related Follow Up Articles:

While you are writing on your blog even though your niche may cover a lot of topics but always make sure that you have continuity in articles. Continuity in the sense, make back to back articles look as if they are a Series of articles teaching them on a particular thing.

Eg: A series of Articles on “How to Create a WordPress Theme “

#3 Create Thumb-Nail Related Posts:

Graphical presentation has always been more attractive than normal text presentations. When you are using Related Posts within your posts always use plug-in which provide pictorial output like n-Related Posts plug-in. This will give you a better chance to engage your readers to read another article. This also reduces the bounce rate of your site and gives you a better chance of making a reader your Subscriber.

#4 Increase Your Page Loading Speed:

This is one of the most crucial things in blogging. Not only SEO depends on this but also your conversion rate of visitors in to regular readers. Will you ever read a blog post which takes a plenty of time to load? Won’t you get irritated? Yes, you will. Same is with others and i am sure that even if visitors like your content and topics they may opt out of your site if the loading speed of your page takes a while. This is a busy world and no one has much time.  So, do on-page optimizations and choose a swifter theme.

#5 Get Regular Feedbacks and Interact:

Would you like a dumb guy hosting an event or one who is always interacting with the crowd? I would say an interacting one. This is the only way to keep you off a nap and blogging is no different. In your articles it is always good to ask questions and answer to questions that have been asked by the readers. Mostly this process is done through comments but you can also do it in follow up articles as well by just including answers to the questions raised.

Ask for feedbacks from your readers and get a potential overview of how they feel about your blog. If any complaints/negatives are received then you need to analyze it in depth and try to rectify it. Don’t leave it as if only one is complaining, this can lead to further more.

#6 Make your readers feel special:

Don’t you get excited when someone at your home presents you something which you like the most ? Even though they are your family still a present gives a better feeling than asking for it. Readers are never going to ask you for anything for them but you being the boss here, you need to keep them in mind and do something for them. Contests and Give Away have always worked wonders for many bloggers and it would for you as well. Just try and spend a few bucks on those who are actually helping you to earn.

Author Bio: Sandeep Singh is a Tech Enthusiast he is currently working on his blogs Technoleash- A Tech blog and Nthblogger where he recently wrote on >gmail tricks and writes on social media.