6 Ways to Lead a Green Mobile Phone Life and Save Money

As mobile phones become more a part of our everyday life and we are increasingly battered with advertisements for better phones and better services, it becomes more and more crucial that we are environmentally responsible about our mobile phone usage. Both when taking part of the benefits this technology can bring us as well as when upgrading to better models, it’s important that we continue to keep in mind our planet’s limited resources as well as the care and attention that it needs. Here are a few easy and seemingly small ways to contribute toward greener mobile phone life. Remember, if we all expend a little effort to be greener, our planet will last longer and be a better place.


Green Suppliers
First of all, look into phone service suppliers in your area that have a good record of concern for the environment. News articles and online reviews regarding your available providers can help you discover which of them actually care about taking care of the world we live in and which of them don’t really give a damn. Reward the most environmentally-conscious phone service supplier in your area by giving them your business. Warning: this practice may cost a little more than using the fat, contaminating corporations out there but you and your world both will be happier in the long run.

Green Donations
Hand in hand with having green business practices is the willingness of the company to donate to green charities. If you really want to go the extra mile to lead a green mobile phone life, find a phone service supplier that donates a portion of their proceeds to environmental charities. In this way, not only will you be helping to avoid polluting the environment yourself, you will also be directly contributing toward conserving it. Environmentally conscious companies that not only limit their energy usage and find ways to provide services without damaging the planet but also donate directly toward building it back up deserve our business and all the support we can give them. It’s not easy to be a green company in today’s greedy world, but you can make it a bit easier by becoming a faithful and loyal customer.

Green Monitoring
You can also help keep your own energy use down by monitoring it carefully. There are many ways to do this but one of the most practical is to go online and compare the carbon footprint of the products you use. Certain phones take a lot more energy to make than others, while other phones take a lot more energy to run. If you are in the market for a new phone, try to find one that is made without much or any harm to the planet and that runs on as little energy as possible. If you already have a phone, research online to find out how you can best cut down on its daily energy use by tweaking a few of its settings.

Green Applications
Especially handy for Smartphone users are the wealth of green apps available. These apps can help you lead a greener life on a day to day basis by providing lists of the greenest companies in your area, suggesting the greenest products to buy at your local stores, and giving you great tips on how to cut down on your own energy use. There are apps available that can help you to make sure you never overcharge your phone, which is one primary way that mobile phones can waste energy.

SIM Only Plans

Recycling your phone is good (more on this later), but even better is keeping your phone! If you contract has finished and you like and want to keep your existing mobile and number then you can try and SIM only plan. These deals allow you to keep your phone but more to a new, usually much cheaper monthly contract as there’s no new phone to pay for. There’s more information at this website on some of the best SIM only plans and how to pick the right one for your mobile.

One of the most basic of all green mobile phone tips is to never get out of bed without a solid recycling mentality. Don’t throw out your outdated mobile phone! There are many options for re-using a mobile phone that has become dated to you and some of those options could earn you money. Putting your old phone up for auction on eBay or selling it on Craigslist is just as much recycling as is passing it on to a homeless person. The point is to avoid it getting tossed in with all the other waste that goes into our landfills. Selling your old phone accomplishes just that while putting some extra hard cash into your pocket.

This article is written by Saksham who just loves writing about mobiles!