8″ Inch iPad – Is Apple Working on This?

As per the latest reports, Apple is seen to be working on a smaller iPad, sized at 8 inch. There has been a lot of speculation rounding the Cupertino based tech giant and according to the latest reports, iPad 3 is set to be much more smaller than the present iPad 2, sized at 9.7 inch. With iPad 2 proving to be a lose in the share market, it’s those small sized tablets that have caught the attention of the people in this tech world.


While Kindle Fire from Amazon and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab sport a small 7″ inch sized screen, it’s a smaller screen that Apple is in need of now. Apple now wants to make a comeback soon as the tablet giant and that’s the thing that paves a path for Apple to come with a brand new 8″ inch sized screen.

As the sources quote, a few unnamed Apple officials have shown a few prototypes of 8″ inch sized iPad 3 to The Wall Street Journal officials and also tipped off that the screen resolution would remain the same as in iPad 2. Also, the test panels are being supplied to Apple by Taiwan based AU Optronics Co. and South Korea’s LG Display Co.

If Apple’s upcoming iPad continues to sport a larger screen and comes with a big price, it’s not what the people really want. When there are lots of cheaper tablets with a smaller screen available out there, why go for Apple’s expensive iPad?

Previously it was noted that, there were many rumors circulating round this web that, a 7″ inch iPad was about to come. Recently, Apple has denied that. With Steve Jobs’ saying, a 7″ inch iPad to really too small the express the software, a 8″ inch sized iPad would prove to be the better option. Steve Jobs’ also quoted that 9.7″ was the best size for the iPad applications to run.

All these rumors or confusions would come to an end when Apple officially announces. Rounding up the information, it seems like March would be the month when any official news about iPad 3 comes. Let us wait until then. Are you as eager as me?