9 Tips to Choose a Perfect Domain Name for Your Blog

Since the internet boom, many have started an internet business, it is better to be late than never. The very first thing that a new blogger has to do is select domain name. This cannot be an easy task when a number of the top domain names are already occupied.

But you need not to worry, just follow the tips given below to select the best domain name for your blog.

Selecting the Perfect Domain Name for Your Blog

#1 Use of Keywords: Use only those keywords in the domain name that best describe your website. The good domain name is the one that suggest the nature of your product or service. Just looking at the meaningful domain name, a visitor can get an idea of what the site is about. You can look for relevant keywords related to your blog’s subject through a website such as Wordtracker. For example if your website deals with selling the best Folding Treadmills, then you can look for a name like www.foldingtreadmillreview.com.

#2 Domain name should be easy to memorable: A good domain name must be easy to remember for your visitors because they are going to use it for revisits.

#3 It should be readable: In-order to improve readability you can use hyphen in between the words. Consider the above example; if www.buyoldfurniture.com is already reserved then you can also try for www.buy-old-furniture.com. So it will improve the readability as well as it also helps in better search engine rankings.

#4 It should not be too long: Try to keep the domain name as short and as meaningful as possible because it will result in less chances of error. Moreover, whether you want to place it on a business card or somewhere else, shorter domain names are much easier to place& remember.

#5 Beware of banned domain names: You need to be very careful while buying a used domain name from a person, because it might be possible that the particular domain name has been already banned by Google. If you do so then you will have a really bad start.

#6 Look for future scope: It may be possible that you want to switch from blog to a regular website in future then you have to check, is that domain name still suitable ? So, pre plan and brainstorm your future needs before choosing your domain name.

#7 Make use of Domain Selection Tool: Since most of the catchy domain names are already booked, you would find it frustrating when you spend the whole night brainstorming the perfect domain name only to know that it is already takem. So to check the availability of a specific domain name quickly, you can make use of Websites like AJAXWhois and Domjax

#8 Beware of using numbers in domain name: Use of numbers make it difficult to type and remember domain name. I would suggest not using spelled-out as well as roman numerals in domains, as both can be very confusing & mistaken for the other.

#9 Avoid Copyright Violation: This small mistake can even kill a great business or a company. Just to make sure that you are not violating on anyone’s copyright with your domain name, visit copyright.gov and search before you buy.

Hope these tips helped you to choose a perfect domain name. If you have any doubts, do let us know and we’ll sort it out.