A Big Timeline of Google Acquisitions

Google is one big company which has a history of buying many small and big companies to increase their product range or enhance their products or simply to cut competition. Here is a list of all those companies that Google has added to it in these years.

All these Acquisitions are grouped up neatly in these Infographic titled as Google’s Acquisition Appetite created by the guys at Scores.org and Jess.net

It is simply astonishing to see how great this company has evolved over the years. Started as a project at Stanford, it has grown into an internet phenomenon and now, people can’t imagine living without Google. Google has acquired several great products in the future, many major products like YouTube, Blogger etcetera were acquired and later developed by Google.

Many of these acquisitions have added great value to the companies core services. Take a look at the infographic to know it for yourself.


Hope you liked it, if you’ve trouble understanding it, do let us know through the comments and we’ll be happy to help you out.