A List of Useful Ubuntu Shortcuts

Ubuntu is one of the most used Linux distributions in the world. It is very much known for its easy to use nature and it is most preferred by users who are trying out Linux for the first time. With the introduction of the Unity interface, Ubuntu has lost many users to Mint, but still, Ubuntu is the go to Linux distro for Linux newbies.


If you’ve been using Windows for sometime, you’ll be familiar with a bunch of shortcuts that would help you work around faster. Ubuntu has got some shortcuts too. Here I’ve listed the most useful ones.

List of Ubuntu Shortcuts

[Ctrl] + W  Close the current window.

[Ctrl] + Q  Close the current application.

[Super] + W  Spread all windows in the current workspace.

[Ctrl] + [Alt]+ D  Minimize all Windows.

[Super] + A  Open Dash Lens for Applications.

[Super] + F  Open Dash Lens for Files.

[Super] + M  Open Dash Lens for Music.

[Ctrl] + [Tab]  Switch between Lenses.

[Ctrl] + [Alt] + NumpadX  Position the image in the specified part of the screen.

[Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Arrow Key]  Navigate to the workspace in that direction.

[Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + [Arrow Key]  Move the selected window to the workspace in the specified direction.

[Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Backspace]  Restart the session.

[Ctrl] + H  Show Hidden files in Nautilus.

I’ve listed the most commonly used shortcuts in Linux, there are still a lot more. If you want the shortcut for any specific task, do mention in the comments, and we will let you know. If you know any Interesting shortcut do let us know and we’ll add it to our list.

Hope you found this list useful, do share it with your Ubuntu using friends.