A New File Search Engine – General-Files

We always use search engines for finding informations, product reviews, downloading files and so on. There are certain specific search engines which are targeted at special purposes. File search engines are one of those targeted search engines which aim at searching the files that are uploaded to file sharing websites and are made public. Thus giving access to thousands of user uploaded content.


General-files.com, is relatively a new player in this arena. General-files is basically a file search engine with a huge collection of files, which is used by over 2 millions of around the web. The difference is instead of using number of file sharing websites to download files; you can use General-files.com to download all these things from a single source. General-files indexes over 500 millions files right now, and they still keep on increasing the numbers of files at a faster pace.
You can either find your desired files very easily and quickly without putting too much of your time using categories or by search files menu. Not only general-files is a search engine, it offers multiple download links for downloading a single file for user convenience.  For example If you are looking for movies then -files has a specific movie section for you to look for your desired movies, and once you found your desired movie, then you can easily download it to your computer.
Apart from downloading the files, you can also use other services like advanced free Rapid share downloader so called General-Downloader.com which help you to download the files very quickly using advanced search option, and you can download the files by its popularity using  free file directory which is also called as General-Catalog.com. Thus the parent company General world offers a plethora of services under one roof.
You can also earn some G-points by sharing the files and in the end you can redeem all those points to get a premium account of general-files. If you want to know more about general-files, just sign up and check it out for yourself and do not forget to share your experience here in the form of comment.