A Plugin to Send Email to All Commented and Registered Users in WordPress

WP Mass Mailer is a plugin for WordPress. This plugin can send mail to all your WordPress commenter, registered user and the specified post’s comments. Using this Plugin is very easy, you need to install this plugin and start sending emails.


Install this plugin through the inbuilt plugin manager in WordPress or upload the plugin via FTP and then install it. You can send mails to registered users or commentators or commentators of a particular post etc… The Default Visual/HTML editor can be used to write your emails.

This plugin is highly helpful in contacting those Commentators and Authors, who spent their valuable time on your blog. You can use this plugin to wish them or Congratulate them or share some important news with them and anything like that. This is a useful Plugin, but don’t use it to spam your commentators. If they get annoyed, then you are losing your visitors. Be careful !

Hope this plugin was useful to you. Try it and share your experiences here.