A Quick and Easy Way to Find Movies and Watch Trailers

Are you a movie buff  ? Do you always find it difficult to find reviews and watch trailers of your favorite movies ? or are you constantly in the need of finding new movies ? Don’t worry, you are in good company. We’ve find a search engine that would help you to do exactly the same.


Moviegr.am is a search engine designed specifically to find ratings, reviews and trailers of your favorite hollywood films and share them with your friends.

The site aggregates movie trailers from YouTube, Movie Overview and pics from IMDB and ratings from IMDB, Metacritic and Rottentomatoes. This site does this all in a neat and elegant way that you would be spending a whole lot of time on it to find new movies that you would like to watch.

RottenTomatoes and Metacritic are known for their unbiased review, so you won’t be mislead. This site will be helpful in knowing more about unreleased flicks too.

The homepage is simple, with a search box and a list of most searched popular films, so you’ve got something to start with.

Finding movies have never been easier, take your ass to Moviegr.am and search for movie stuff. This is one hell of a site to be added to your bookmarked list of sites, movie freaks.

For the Cine Geeks there, you’ve got one pleasant surprise, coming soon. Stay tuned to Axleration. 😀

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