About Us

Founded in May 2010, Axleration aims at making technology easier for people to understand. Technology maybe a broader term, we focus on Computers and the Internet. Axleration deals with How-To Guides, Tips and Tricks, Latest Technology News, Web 2.0, Gadget reviews and Software reviews.

There are millions of blogs which deal with Computers and the Internet, Axleration tries to be different by providing the most useful and the easiest tricks for the novice computer user as well as complicated stuff for the geek in you, both at the same place.

Axleration gets around 100K visitors and around 130k page views a month, with around 29K Alexa rank. Axleration is hosted at Hostgator. Axleration is fast growing with visitor stats increasing day by day. We aim to be one of the best blogs out there in our niche and we are working hard to reach there.

Ganesh Babu

He plays various roles in his life. He is the founder and CEO of Axleration, Student of 12th Grade at TVS, Good son for his parents ( 😛 ) and so on. Enjoys multitasking, Dreams big, Aspires to reach great heights and become a popular geek among geeks. Currently lives in India but he wishes to travel around the world.

His Interests are Computers, Gadgets, Social Media and learning new stuff. He absolutely loves to spend time with his friends and partying around, but spend most of the time in front of his PC exploring the unexplored. Mail him at scifibabu [at] axleration [dot] com.

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