Access Google Street View [How-To]

Google Street View is an ultra cool feature in the Google Maps from Google that lets you take a look at the cities at the street level depth. With this Google Street View in hands, you can easily surf the world and take a look at those major countries’ streets and have fun right in your computer.


Is Google Street View Available for All Countries?

As of now, Google Street View is available for many countries in the world. Countries like Japan, U.K., U.S., Italy, France, Australia, New Zealand and  Netherlands can be seen at street level.

Google Maps Logo

Accessing Google Street View

    • Head to Google Maps and navigate to your favorite country.
    • Search or zoom in to your favorite major city or place in that country.
    • And now, click and drag the yellow man icon found above the zooming controls on the left side.
  • If Street View is available, blue colored lines can be seen and placing the icon anywhere on that blue colored line will give you access to the Street View at that place.
  • If Street View is not available, blue dots can be seen on the map and placing the icon on those dots will show you images collection of that place.

So, what are you up to now? Head to Google Maps right now and start discovering places! Have fun!