Add Applications in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail provides you with rich applications that can integrate with your email to provide you with more functionalities. You can select from a wide range of applications in the gallery to suite your needs. Yahoo was once the leading provider of free web based email services. But, recently it has lost it’s ground to Hotmail and Gmail.

So, Yahoo in its attempt to add more features to it’s web mail system and in turn acquiring new email users and regaining lost users, has introduced applications for its mail platform. In this article, we’ll be seeing how to add applications in yahoo mail and thus increasing it’s capabilities.


Using Yahoo Mail applications

1. Go to Yahoomail and login into your account.

2. You should use the New Yahoo mail, if you see Classic below the Yahoo logo, then click “all new mail” link above the logo to switch the new version.

3. Once you switched to the new interface, click the Applications box at the bottom left

4. You can select from the existing applications or click the + symbol to view the Applications Gallery.

5. Click the Add button next to your required application to start using it with Yahoo mail.

You can choose from a large number of applications like,¬†Evite, Flickr, PayPal, My Drive etc…
If you have any doubts using this, Let us know through the comments and we’ll be happy to help you out.