Admin Theme for WordPress

There are numerous themes for you, if you are running a WordPress site. But most of the time you spend your time in your blog’s admin panel. It looks all the same for all these days. Did you know that there are themes for your admin panel too ?


There are many themes to make your admin panel an enjoyable place to work with. Today I am going to tell you about  such an interesting theme for WordPress admin panel. You need not spend money for buying this. It is a  free theme for your admin panel.

Fluency Admin 2.3.2

  • Hover menus
  • Switch between full menu view and icon-only view
  • Hot keys for menu/submenu access
  • Add your own custom link to your custom logo on the WP login page
  • Display your own custom logo at the top of the WP Menu once logged in.
  • Display your own custom logo on WP Login page
  • iPad friendly menus

Download Fluency Admin from here – Fluency Admin 2.3.2 or search for Fluency Admin in your WordPress Plugin manager.

I will share other new admin themes as I find them. Till then enjoy blogging !

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