Advantages Of Buying A Used Electronics Test Equipment Over A New One

Now days, many people are looking to buy used or refurbished electronics test equipments instead of purchasing a new one. The old electronic equipment market in North America has soared from $446.4 million in 2004 to $654.5 million by 2011. This upsurge in the demand of used test equipments is not expected to go down in the coming years, as more and more people are looking out for old electronic test equipments, rather than for their newer versions. The major advantages in buying used electronic test equipments are:-

Cost reduction: This is the most important reason why people prefer old equipments over new ones. The difference between the prices of the new and old test equipments is massive. Typical old electronic equipment can come at a price of 10% to 40% of its current market cost.

Replace discontinued testing equipments: Many testing equipments have been rendered useless, because better testing equipments based on more advanced technologies are being used in the industry. But the old testing instruments can still be used for learning and teaching purposes in schools and colleges. The industries often sell away their unwanted and outdated testing equipments, even if they are thoroughly functional, at price of peanuts. Thus schools, colleges and other education and training institutes find it far more economical to acquire these equipments, rather than buy new one from a vendor.

Long delivery time of new products: While old products are readily available for purchase, clients often have to wait for weeks or months waiting for the arrival of their new equipments. Thus, a client looking for urgent procurement of test equipments tends to opt for readily available old products rather than keep waiting for the new ones.

Usually condition of old electronic test equipments is not bad: Often the test equipments are sold, just because they have become outdated, or the owner has diversified into some other business or because a large amount of surplus has been created. But seldom, does a test equipment gets sold for improper functioning. So, as the old equipments match the quality of the newer ones, but offer higher cost benefits, people choose them over the newer ones.

Purpose of purchase: Often schools and colleges are the ones purchasing the used equipments. They just need their students to have a practical vibe of the equipments, and since there are no major issues in the basic specifications and attributes of an old model, they prefer buying the old ones. Also, amateur students might damage the equipment while using them, so many educational institutes feel acquiring low cost older equipments is a better idea.

Availability of refurbished equipments: This has further pushed down the sales of new test equipments, because these days there are a lot of small vendors who offer refurbished test equipments such as network analyzer test equipments or frequency test equipments in perfect working condition, but at very low price as compared to the new ones.

About the Author
The author is an expert Quality Assurance Engineer with over 10 years of industry experience. Here he speaks about the rising trend of buying used electronic test equipments like network analyzer test equipments or frequency test equipments, instead of purchasing new ones from the market.