Advantages of Using a Wireless Network

Advantages of Using a Wireless Network

Explore the Advantages of Using a Wireless Network

A good number of businesses these days use the Local Area Network (LAN) technology to help employees share the common source of data. It also offers a common point through which the employee’s device will be capable of communicating with each other. However, there is a debate, an ongoing one as to whether a business must deliver its LAN through an unwired or a wired connection. With lots of companies, these days going with wireless over wired technology it does makes sense why they are doing so. Still not convinced? Read the different benefits.

Benefits of using a Wireless Network

When you use a wireless network, you can avail the following perks namely,

  • Wireless Network Security- When it comes to wireless network security there are many advantages due to the recent encryption technology. It can be hacked, and because it is open with regards to its accessibility, there is indeed a danger here. However, you can overcome this by using strong passwords as well as both software and hardware security solutions. Of course, there are businesses which have desirable data which hackers may desire to steal, for instance, the bank with personal financial information that they hold. In case of such organizations, this form of sensitive data will warrant maximum security. For best results get the installation from a certified wireless network professional.


  • Wireless Network Speed- With regards to speed, the slow pace which a wireless network offers are comparatively faster for what they require. In case of selecting between wireless and wired networking from the angle of security and speed, every individual business should examine its respective requirements and wear the hat that fits.

Advantages of using a Wireless Network

  • Increased Mobility- This is the biggest attraction which a wireless network holds for maximum businesses. Sitting at any terminal just in any corner of the building and accessing the server will be a big benefit. After the launch of laptops and due to its mobility convenience, this added an incentive to the perks of being able to work anywhere in the network signal’s range. Now employees can not only access information quickly from the server, but it is also helping colleagues in collaborating and sharing information in meetings arranged anywhere be it in the staff canteen, bespoke meeting room or office corner. The wireless network offers total mobility.


  • Enabling BYOD- The wireless network will help in facilitating the phenomenon of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) that maximum businesses are reaping the perks of. Employees bring their different gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and laptops to the workplace. And, with the wireless network they have access rights on their device. It will aid employees to perform their job with convenience and BYOD will also help in representing a prospective cost saving because a business will no longer require to fund the cost of the hardware themselves.

Other Advantages of using a Wireless Network

  • Increased Productivity- Another advantage of using a wireless network is that it will promote increased productivity. That in turn means it will allow the employees to collaborate when and where they need to. The wireless network will speed up the process of working and also ensure freedom of operation. Besides the employees can carry home their device and work as per their convenience.


  • Public Wi-Fi Hotspots- The good news is wireless networks has also gone in the public domain with the availability of Wi-Fi hotspots in hospitals, universities, airports, railway stations, hotels, coffee shops, and more. People can browse the internet while they are away from home or office. They can pick up emails including business and social and if permissible can also remotely connect with the business network.


  • Scalability- As opposed to a wired network, in case of a wireless network adding new users is indeed not tough compared to issuing a new password as well as accordingly updating the server. The best part is this network is relatively convenient and fast. The office can be relocated too within the building and with consummate ease. Here there will be no extra expenditure.

Want More Advantages of using a Wireless Network?

Advantages of Using a Wireless Network

  • Guest Use- Wireless networks will grant access to the internet to suppliers and visiting customers.


  • Using VOIP- It can help in making calls using VOIP (voice over internet protocol). These calls are free depending on the country as well the devices one is calling. Making international calls will be cheaper over using conventional technology.


  • Wireless technology is quite cost-effective – When the network is large, the hard-wired system will be expensive. Both the cost of the cables and the labor will add to the expenditure. But when you choose a wireless network installing it may be a little costly, but its maintenance costs will be lower.


  • Safety and Health- As there are no wires you can avoid the risk of tripping over the cables. In short, a wireless network is the right choice for health and safety.

Switch to wireless network and see the difference.