Air Travelers Usage of In-Flight WiFi [Infographic]

These days technology seems to be on fire. We see a lot of tech changes daily. Earlier, the introduction of TVs in flights seemed to amaze a lot of people! But now, we have WiFi connection right inside the airplane that helps us connect to the internet with ease. A lot of air travelers carry their smartphones with them wherever they go which helps browse the internet with ease.


The researches at Gogo, the in-flight internet connectivity provider, have done an awesome job in collecting information on how the air travelers make use of this WiFi connectivity. They have put all their collected works together in the form of an infographic.

The research says that most of the travelers make use of iOS to connect to the internet. And also why do these travelers make use of the internet while flying? Those guys mainly access the internet for social networking with their buddies. Well, Facebook comes here too. Facebook is the most widely used social networking site in the air too! Next comes Twitter followed by LinkedIn and FourSqaure.

Also note that, almost 67 % of the travelers play and do their job works together. They kind of mix entertain with work! And next comes another batch with 27% who mainly concentrate on playing to keep themselves entertaining till they land. And at last, all work – no play group who constitute 6%

Let me stop here. Take a look at the infographic for the rest of the information.

So what do you think about this infographic? Do you think that Gogo is doing a good job in providing us the internet connectivity even at 35,000 feet? And by the way, this is the 500th post @ Axleration! What do you think about Axleration? How should we reward the faithful readers? Share your views below.