An Exclusive Search Engine for Programmers

If you are a Programmer and/or a web developer, you might be using multiple computer languages at the same time and you would get confused easily. You might want to search the documentation of the particular language to solve your doubts.


If you have faced a similar situation before, here comes to your rescue. It is an exclusive search engine for programmers which will search only the documentation of famous programming languages.

For example, if you type a function name and search in it, it will return all programming languages which has the function with the syntax and description of it. you can also limit your search to a particular language by adding the language’s name in front of your search query.

Apart from programming languages it also, indexes a few more things. you can see the full list here.

However Google’s code search is the best source if you are looking for code snippets or ways to debug your existing programs. Since it is a part of the Google Labs, its lifetime is ambiguous. However you can give it a go, til it is alive.

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Google Code Search

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