Anatomy of An Apple Email [Infographic]

Most of us here are Apple fans. As Apple fans we wait eagerly for the mails that apple send before product releases or important events. I am actually a huge fan of these emails. When I see such a mail from Apple, then I will open it first before any other mails in my inbox.

Why is this so ? Why most of us are involuntarily attracted as soon as we see the word ‘Apple’. It is all because of their marketing tactics. Apple creates a mark and makes a standard even in its emails. The email it sends to its customers are really masterpieces. They convey a lot to the user.


They make the user long to buy the product. They call for multiple actions and with the hero shots of new products of Apple, these emails are no lesser than the posters of Hollywood big flicks.

Here is  a breakdown of the hot-spots of this masterpiece emails from Apple.

Now you would have learnt a lot about the emails which you get from Apple. Aren’t they really genius ? Thanks to the guys at Flowtown for creating this informative graphic.