Android App review-Swiss Army Knife

Here is an android app review

Android is one of the most efficient and versatile mobile operating system,but there are some features which are available even in cheap china phones but they are not available in Android , but the major advantage of android is the choice of an exhaustive array of applications!,Swiss army knife is one such application,which give remarkable functionality to your android mobile


The real swiss army knife is a tool which contains many sub tools,similarly the swiss army knife android application is a single application and has many sub applications




The swiss Army knife consists of the following tools

  1. Stop Watch
  2. Compass
  3. Calculator
  4. Count Down Timer
  5. Ruler
  6. Bubble level
  7. Flash Light



1)Stop watch

This is one of the most rudimentary features available even in frugal mobile phones, sadly most of the android phones don’t come with a stock stop watch app so we are forced to use paid  apps like ultra chron, swiss army knife’s stop watch  functionality  is excellent , having the other features of swiss army knife application in mind and the cost free application criteria , is a big plus point for this app!




This is one of my favorite applications,all android phones come with an in built magnetometer which can be used as a compass, and the developers of swiss army knife have stricken the right chord by effectively making use of the magnetometer as a compass, It does the job it is intended to do properly!, ie) it points to the north, it will come in handy if you are lost in a lonely desert/forest(JUST JOKING)!, sometimes external magnetic fields may cause the compass to malfunction, in than case wave the phone in a circular pattern and it will be calibrated


Though android phones have a stock calculator app , they are not up to the mark, Swiss army knife has a calculator, which not only just performs arithmetic calculations but also almost all operations which can be performed by scientific calculators(This will come in handy for those who smuggle phones into exam halls LOL!)


 4)Count down timer

This is one of the apps which is not present in android by default but it is an absolute necessity,the count down timer works flawlessly and even runs in the background.



This is one of the features that has failed to impress us,some graduations are displayed on the screen,The ruler is accurate though, don’t know it might come in handy any day!



6)Bubble level

This is the most awesome feature in the entire swiss army knife package,the bubble level can be use to find out whether any surface is flat , or angle, it even displays the angle values, which is really , cool!, but we don’t find any real time practical use for the masses, but its great usage of the motion sensor present in the phone


7)Torch light

My favorite mobile is nokia 1200 , it had an amazing torch light, but high priced android phones dont have them,but this app in the swiss army knife uses the flash of the phone’s camera as a torch light,if your phone doesn’t have a flash, then the screen turns white and brightness is set to maximum , which is mind blowing


Your android phone is incomplete with out Swiss army knife.