Android Emulator For Any Phone

Now you can turn any phone into an android phone if this emulator works out properly. Myriad introduces Alien Dalvik, an Android emulator for non-android phones, which will allow non-android phone to run Android apps without any loss of functionality.


Myriad Alien Dalvik brings Android applications to non-Android devices, allowing OEMs, operators and application stores to leverage the Android eco-system across a much wider range of mobile devices. Android applications run unmodified and with no loss of performance on non- Android platforms.

Android is one of the most used Mobile Operating systems and it has a numerous number of applications specifically built for it. A lot of new mobile operating systems are created day by day from Meego to the Bada OS and many more on the way. Almost all of them have the same functionality, the only difference is the number of apps each platform has. Android and iOS from Apple tops the list with a huge number of apps. But this has led to the downfall of other Operating systems.

With a lot of choices in front, it is also a confusing decision for developers to take. They need to create a same application for different platforms to make it a success. With the advent of the Myriad Alien Dalvik, developers can create an application only for the android platform and then leave the rest to Myriad Alien Dalvik. This will save time and money.

This new technology may not be helpful for Android to grow but for Android apps. Myriad Alien Dalvik is now available for the Meego platform and it can run android apps in the N900 from Nokia running in Meego. Support for other platforms will soon follow after its Mobile World Congress demo. This will help Android apps to grow exponentially since it has a wider market now.

Here is a demo video showing an N900 running Android Apps.

Phone manufacturers can choose any Operating System of their choice now since almost all will have the same number of application base after the launch of this emulator. But what will Google do about this. Will it allow this new emulator to grow ? or will it claim against it ? We need to wait and watch.