Android Honeycomb is Not Open Source

Google’s Android mobile operating system is well known because of many reasons, one of the important reason is that, it is open source. The source of Google’s Android OS for smartphones, right from it’s initial stage was kept open, which many mobile companies used, after making a few changes.Carriers in the US, removed certain features of android operating system to keep it away from violating their terms and conditions.


Google recently released the Android 3.0 a.k.a Honeycomb, specifically made for tablet PCs. Google said that, the source is going to be kept closed. The reasons are many. There is high competition in the tablet market now, and it’s share on total computer usage is increasing by leaps and bounds.

With this enormous growth, there is plenty of chance for Google to monetize it or introduce new standards. Whatever it do, it would not like others to just copy it with the help of source code. This change might help Google to have full control over the operating system.

The disadvantage is that, most companies does not update their old devices with the latest version of Android OS. It is the developers who work day and night to transform the latest version of Android Operating systems to all possible devices. But if this source code is kept closed.

It would surely affect this process and there may also be a drop in the development of the Operating system as a whole(not apps), since the source code is kept closed.

The single giant open source OS for mobile devices is turning Closed source partly. This is not a good sign. Let us see what happens in the future. Share your thoughts on this with us.