Android Market Celebrates 10 Billion Downloads With 10 Cent Apps Sale

Guess what? The Android market owned by the internet giant, Google, now is proud enough to brag that it hit the 10 billion downloads mark. The Android market, as known to all, features a lot of apps and programs for the smartphones powered by the internet giant’s operating system, Android.


This announcement came earlier via the official blog post written by Dirk Dougherty. The post not only boasts only this achievement but also adds the fact that the apps were downloaded at a stunning rate of a billion per month.

This past weekend, thanks to Android users around the world, Android Market exceeded 10 billion app downloads—with a growth rate of one billion app downloads per month. We can’t wait to see where this accelerating growth takes us in 2012.” says the official note.

The downloads figure in the below picture shows July 2010 as the month when Android hit 1 billion downloads count. Within a span of 17 months, the figure has multiplied itself by 10 times. The strange fact is that, the downloads count increased by 4 billion in the last four months.

To celebrate this success, the company, Google, came up with an idea of issuing apps to fans, each at the cost of just 10 cents. When you check out the Android market now, you will find a few apps being sold just at the cost of 10 cents. Pretty awesome. Isn’t it?

These super-low cost apps will be hanging out only for ten days, after which the apps prices will be back to normal. Make sure to avail this offer now. Some of the popular apps at the price of 10 cents are :

  1. Asphalt 6 : Adrenaline HD (Normal cost $4.99)
  2. Minecraft (Normal cost $6.99)
  3. Great Little War Game (Normal cost $3.99)
  4. SwiftKey X Keyboard (Normal cost $4.06)
  5. Paper Camera (Normal cost $1.99)
Cool. Isn’t it? It’s really better to avail these apps just at $0.10 rather than buying them later for $5 or $6. Make sure to avail these apps right now.