Android vs. iOS : Top 5 Reasons for Choosing Android

Android has gained more reputation and has build up a good impression over software developers. Recent studies show that Android has significantly gained more percentage of ad impression shares when compared to iOS. Android development has increased speedily over few years. iOS has always been a tough competition but the remarkable improvements and user friendly platform has given a heads up to the use of Android OS. Whether its cell phone technology or tablets Android has captured a significant part of the personal electronic device industry. The compatibility and flexibility offered are unmatched with other operating systems.


[stextbox id=”info”]Why Android?[/stextbox]

Android has an edge over iOS because it offers a reliability of features that iOS could not deliver. It is an open source platform and users are able to do their customizations and make new apps. Another important aspect to have a look at is the price. The price of an Android product is way much flexible and cheaper than iOS. You also have a variety to choices to make while going for an Android platform device. These things give an edge to Android platform and also the quality check of apps and user dependability is much more on Android.

[stextbox id=”info”]Top 5 Reasons To Choose Android Over iOS[/stextbox]

Well if you want to consider Android over iOS, following 5 reasons could really be helpful to judge it.

  • Android platform lets your run any app that you want to. In iOS platform, you cannot run any app unless until it is available in the App Store.
  • Customization is much more flexible on Android platform. You can design your own theme and put it on your cell phone. Whereas, iOS lacks this functionality. You have only limited themes and options to choose from.
  • More hardware choices – Android platform device will give bundle of choices in their hardware configuration. Android screen are negotiable whereas iOS lacks this functionality.
  • Custom ROMS – Android platform gives you access to customized ROMS. This functionality is solely available on Android phones and tablets. You can customize your Android operating system as per your need and requirement through rooting.
  • No iTunes – Android platform gives you easy access to mass storage transfers. Unlike iOS where you need to have iTunes installed to transfer files.

These features provide a strong edge to Android over iOS. There are still new innovatives technologies being developed to surpass the use of Android to the extremes of technology world.

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