Android Theme Land Called Androidland Opens in Melbourne

Yo Android fan boys. It’s party time now. The world’s first Android theme park is now open in Melbourne in Australia. Planning a vacation? Androidland is a must visit for all those Android boys out there. This Android themed zone is in Telstra’s flagship store on Bourke street.


This specially designed theme store emerged as a result of collaboration between Google, Australian carrier Telstra and mobile manufacturers Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola and Sony Ericsson.

Similar to Apple stores, this first Android theme park features the latest Android powered handsets. People can hang out and take a peek at those newly arrived handsets, both smartphones and tablets. Well, it’s not only taking a peek. People can give a spin and try out the features in the handset, play games and do a lot more.

As the name indicates, Androidland is fully dedicated to Android, the internet giant’s mobile OS. The shop exactly smells like gingerbread and also one can find a lot of Android toys and games, there. They are food items in Android version too. People can have their first taste of Android-themed cupcakes, gingerbread cake men and a lot more.

If you enter the Androidland, the first thing you will notice is the Android green robots waving hands at you. A giant Spaceship features the center section of the shop. Upon entering the Spaceship, you can find a giant nine panel screen which displays a large version of Google Earth. Ever wanted to create your own Android avatars? The Spaceship features a section, where people can create their own Android style avatars.

Also, the showroom features a giant tablet where you can lay hands on the Angry Birds to defeat those evil pigs, who stole the brids’ eggs.

What are you waiting for? This 154 square meter shop is located in 246 Bourke street, Melbourne. Don’t expect this theme park to be hanging out in this street forever. According to the Google guys, if this theme shop runs well, people can see similar versions of theme parks rolling out everywhere across the world.

Rock and Roll. Androidify yourself with an amazing experience.