Andy Samberg Impersonates Mark Zuckerberg at f8 2011 [Video]

Facebook organised the f8 2011 conference yesterday. Covering his head with a hood and dressing up like Mark Zuckerberg, Andy Samberg, the American actor and comedian, kicked off the f8 event impersonating Mark Zuckerberg. He actually made a lot of people believe that he was the real Mark Zuckerberg.


But the people were actually astonished when the real Mark Zuckerberg took his place on the stage to start his keynote on this f8 conference. The first 4.31 minutes of the event really rocked off as Andy Samberg imitated the exact Mark Zuckerberg. Andy also introduced two new expected features in Facebook called “The Slow-Poke” and “I’m not really friends with these people”.

Now, let’s head on to the actual 7.21 video where Andy Samberg imitates Mark Zuckerberg for the first 4.31 min.


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