Angry Birds Hits the 10 Million Likes Mark on Facebook

Angry Birds, as we all know, is the world’s top played game on smartphones and tablets. The Angry Birds guys from Rovio Mobile, are now really happy to announce the fact that, Angry Birds hit the 10,000,000 likes mark on it’s official Facebook fan page.


The post in the official Angry Birds fan page just says ” ‎10,000,000 likes! Thank you! ~(‾▿‾)~ ” without anything more. Well, a three pictures have been added to the post sporting the numbers 1 and 0 put in combination showing 10,000,000.

As you see in the above official post, right now the post has 12K+ likes and the post has been shared by over 150 people. By the time you see the post in Facebook with your own eyes, the numbers would have multiplied by a few hundreds. Angry Birds isn’t slowing down !

This new achievement doesn’t seem to have caught attention either in Angry Birds’ official twitter account or either in Rovio Mobile’s official blog. The news officially came only on it’s fan page on Facebook. Overtime, the world is gonna know Angry Birds’ achievement.

We came across a pretty awesome infographic that we shared here today morning. The post is titled “The Angry Birds Crazy” featuring an infographic bundled with a story of Angry Birds’ psychology, sociology and addiction. If you have missed that, I recommend you better have a look at that infographic right after finishing with this post.

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