Angry Birds Coming to Facebook

The Angry Birds game for iOS, Android and many other platforms was developed by Rovio and now Rovio has planned for something bigger, as big as 600 million people. Yup ! Rovio is panning  to bring Angry birds to Facebook.


Angry birds was a massive hit in the iTunes store where it was priced at $0.99, followed by which it came to the Android market for free but there was some in-play advertising and after a success in Android too, Angry Birds marched into PSN for PS3 and PSP and now they are marching towards the biggest platform for online gaming – Facebook.

We all know how much Facebook is popular for games from the Zynga tale, so Angry Birds will be a huge hit if it comes to Facebook.

Rovio Mobile told Wired UK, that the gameplay of Angry birds for Facebook will be entirely different and will have special features too.

“There will be completely new aspects to it that just haven’t been experienced on any other platform,” Mikael Hed, CEO Rovio Mobile.

Rovio has made huge money from this game which has been downloaded more than 40 million times from the iTunes store. There are chances that Rovio become the next Zynga if they utilize the power of Facebook properly.

Rovio is trying to make Angry Birds available in all platforms and they are creating a 3D version too. But besides that, they should launch some new innovative titles too so that they can stay in the field for long.

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