Now Play Angry Birds in Facebook With 4 New Power Ups

Well, with the official launch of the Angry Birds game in Facebook, you can now play that awesome birds-flinging on your most favorite social networking site. As reported days back, Facebook was about to witness the introduction of this most played mobile game on Valentine’s Day. But as per the reports, it seems like most of the Facebook users were able to check out the game the day right before the official launch, that’s day before yesterday.


Looking similar to the mobile and desktop versions of the game play, this version of the game also includes a few unique levels meant only for the Facebook users. Also, this version of the game is seen to be sporting a few extra features called the Power-Ups. As the name denotes, the Power-Ups let users to defeat those evil pigs with ease.


Introducing a brand new bird named Mighty Eagle in the browser version of the game, as of now, there are four Power-Ups in this new version. With the game progressing a good rate, users can witness more Power-Ups provided in this game. The four Power-Ups now are :

  1. Birdquake – Similar to the Earthquake in human life, this all new power up will shake the whole ground, once clicked, and voila! You can see all those pigs smashed to pieces.
  2. Sling Scope – A pinpoint appears on the gaming screen that will let you mark the pig. Once marked, your bird can be easily hit the target.
  3. Super Seeds – These seeds are pretty useful when you want to transform your small bird into a big giant. With the bird turning big, the pigs are ought to suffer more damage.
  4. King Sling – Want to storm the pigs with a better speed? This option is for you. With this, you can witness your bird being thrown at a rapid speed.

As the sources quote, Angry Birds is now ranking in the top of the most played and downloaded games of all time. With over 700 million downloads, this new addition to Facebook is set to take the Angry Birds from Rovio Mobile, further up in the niche.

Also, it seems like Rovio Mobile has implemented the Google+ version here too. While Angry Birds in Google+ allows users to post their ranks, score, brag to their friends ranking behind, send free gifts to their circled mates, it’s the same case with this version too. With this, Rovio Mobile also says that, more social features can be seen once the game starts to make a record in Facebook.

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