Angry Birds Celebrates Second Birthday With a College Challenge

It’s been two years since the Angry Birds came flying threw the computer glass panels to have their shot at the evil pigs. Rovio Mobile, developer of Angry Birds, is now celebrating the world’s most loved mobile game, Angry Birds’ birthday all over the world.


To celebrate this amazing moment, Rovio Mobile has now launched a new version of Angry Birds at the App Store. Fans can now download the updated app and find lots of surprising things waiting to invite them. This updated version comes with all the 300 episodes unlocked.

When launched, fans can find 15 amazing cake themed levels waiting to be smashed. Also comes a brand new, amazing expandable orange bird. The updated app comes with nifty new menus. The updated version seems to have got a new coat of digital paint.

Also, Angry Birds is now hosting a new contest on Google+. Google+, now with 28 amazing games, is one of those amazing social networking sites out there. Be it on mobile or tablet or the web, Angry Birds is really an amazing game that ranks the first place everywhere.

According to the Rovio Mobile, this contest called the Angry Birds College Challenge is the perfect moment for Angry Birds experts or geeks to show the people their skills.

According to the information by Angry Birds College Challenge, this contest is eligible only to those guys out there who are 18+. People below 18 are not eligible to take part in the contest. Also, as you figured out, if you want to take part in the contest, you will need to have a Google+ account. The player’s college/university must be enrolled as a valid one in Google+ and his/her account must sport the name of his/her college/university name

Like all those contests out there, the winner will be selected by judging the top ranker in each level. After playing each level, make sure to submit your score added with #iloveangrybirds The player to reach the highest level with the highest score will be declared as the winner on December 12, 2011.

The contest is on right now and runs till 11.59 pm PST on December 11, 2011. So, what are you waiting for? Do add the Angry Birds College Challenge page to your circles and start playing the game. Make sure to add the hashtag #iloveangrybirds as this serves as the code for participating in the contest. Good luck