Anonymous Denies Attack to Facebook [January]

While Anonymous, a group of hackers, had previously planned to attack Facebook on November 5, 2011, it did not. Facebook has been running quite awesome like earlier and it hasn’t experienced any problems until now. And as of now, another rumor had been spreading quoting the fact that Anonymous is about to hack Facebook. This time Anonymous set January 28, 2012, as the date to hack the Facebook site. But, according to the latest reports, Anonymous has declined plans to attack Facebook. Previously Anonymous had stated Facebook as Our Most Favorite Communication Tool.


A recent video on YouTube, depicting Anonymous’s speech to bring down Facebook had gone viral. The video shows a member of the Anonymous giving a speech on the way how the netizens’ information is at stake, what is Anonymous about to do next and finally adds how the people of the world can join the Anonymous and bring down the Facebook.

The description section of the video in YouTube sports the entire speech of the Anonymous member and also adds couple of links. The links are the download links to certain softwares which the people ought to download in order to show their support to Anonymous to bring down the Facebook.

Facebook being the world’s largest social networking site, contains a lot of information about the users. This is the main reason why the Anonymous wants to bring down the Facebook. Anonymous is quite sure of it’s plan. It doesn’t worry about the size of the site. It isn’t worried about Facebook’s enormous size.

“While it is true that Facebook has at least 60,000 servers, it is still possible to bring it down.” says Anonymous.

But, as of now, as said earlier, Anonymous has officially declined plans to bring down the Facebook site. The official Twitter account for the Anonymous sports a tweet confirming the fact that, this is new threat is another mere rumor and that Anonymous is not about to bring down the Facebook. The tweet says,

AGAIN: “Anonymous Threatens Facebook Shutdown Jan” IS A FAKE. RT PLEASE

With this official confirmation, it is quite sure that our most loved social networking site is in safe hands. A few days back, the world witnessed the shutting down of many websites by the Anonymous. The hacked websites included and the, along with many other sites. What’s your thought? Will Anonymous keep it word? Or is Facebook about to be hacked very soon?