Future Apple Devices to be Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells

iPhone, iPad, MAC, iPod Touch – these are the common Apple devices that one comes across in daily life. As known to us, these devices run on normal Lithium powered batteries like those in other mobile devices. But, in future, you you will be surprised to see these devices run by Hydrogen fuel cell batteries and it possibly takes these devices’ lifetime to weeks rather than days.


These Hydrogen powered fuel cells convert oxygen and hydrogen to water, heat and electricity, thus making the Apple devices to run a longer time. Hydrogen being the most lightest element and the most Eco-friendly, Apple has decided to use Hydrogen as a fuel to power the upcoming Apple batteries. As of now, these Hydrogen fuel cells are used in cars and spacecrafts.

With the Apple fans worried about the Apple devices’ battery life, this new development will certainly act as a dream come true for the Apple fans. Smartphones indeed do lose their battery charge, after a day’s heavy usage. A few months back, iPhone 4S was reported to quickly loss battery, which was cleared later. With these Hydrogen fuel cell batteries embedded in your Apple device, your device is certain is last a really long time.

Apple had previously submitted two patent applications to the US Patent and Trademark Office. One being Fuel Cell System Coupled To A Portable Computing Device and the other being Fuel Cell System To Power A Portable Computing Device. This two patents give a detailed outline of the Hydrogen fuel cell and how they are used to power smartphones of the future.

With the Hydrogen cell system being heavy and bulky, how can this be used in smartphones to power them? Apple is in route to make these cells very small and cost effective so that, they can be used in all the upcoming Apple devices. This indeed is a very big challenge to the tech giant, Apple, and to show the world that Apple is indeed going to the take over the leadership in the near future. Will Apple succeed in Tim Cook’s leadership as the new CEO of Apple?