Apple iOS 10 is Here

Apple iOS 10


Apple iOS 10 is here – have you downloaded yet?


Your iPhone Operating System has changed and mostly for the better!

The latest operating system called Apple iOS 10 has been released, and it offers Apple fans a whole bunch of new and innovative features.

The latest version of Apple iOS 10 has been released for some time now, and in its development form, has been through some testing already.   So hopefully there are no surprises for users.

So finally it has been made available for users to download, and I recommend that you don’t delay – jump right in and make the most of all the latest updates and new features!


1. Lock screen upgrade

You will find that you get more useful access to information even when your screen is locked, which means you don’t have to log in and wait for the system to give you simple information.  For example, you get more than just a heads up about incoming messages, you now get the option to reply to messages as well, and you get more detailed messages, such as news, notifications, alerts and so on.


2.  3D Touch

Depending on your iPhone model, there is updated functionality around Touch sensitivity, which is known as 3D Touch.  You still get all the regular touch screen controls using a soft touch or a normal tap, but give a firm press on the screen and you will get a bunch of new options that you can play with – I’ll let you work that out!


3.  Wake Up

This is a great new way to view your alerts and notifications, with the new feature called Raise to Wake.  Although it might not seem like a big change, it used to bug me no end when there is an alert message or alarm or phone ring goes off and when you try to unlock the phone by hitting the home button, all the messages clear.

Now all you need to do is lift the phone to see all the messages, and you can check out what is really important to you before the messages all disappear!  Nice.


4.  Siri works harder for you

Previously, Siri was very focused on Apple apps and liked to help you find music, search and entertainment.  But that was only helpful up to a certain point, and sometimes we need more help!  So Siri is now focused a little more broadly, so that she can help you to order a taxi, or pizza, and other useful stuff.  I am sure you get the idea.


5.  Typing is easier

Finally you will find that QuickType is actually useful to make typing quicker!  The speed typing function has been improved such that it suggests word completion based on sentence context, which is a big help when types messages or emails.  Siri can help you here also, and with a simple question, you may not even have to type in your email reply at all, as Siri can provide some sample replies and all you have to do is choose which answer you want to send.  Simple!

6. Settings and controlsApple iOS 10 settings

The Apple iOS 10 now makes it even easier to set the controls on the iPhone, such as brightness and colors, WiFi and Bluetooth.

Better still, you can choose the controls and settings of other devices from your iPhone at the touch of a button, and you can even control your home devices, such as sound, lighting and connectivity.


7.  Take Control

If you have household devices that can be connected to the web, then you will find it very simple to get connected.  Your smart gadgets are now easily within reach of your fingertips, and the latest Apple iOS 10 provides you with a simple control interface to stay in control.

More and more domestic appliances are connected to the internet of things, and if you want to make your life easier, then welcome to the future!


8.  Better Map features

There is a whole lot more to reading a map than just getting directions.  Maps now interacts with other apps on your iPhone so that you can not only search on the best café, but get directions instantly to help make the decision process easier.  But then you can take it to the next level and find out whether the café takes Apple Pay, and help to book a ride to get you there, and how long that will take, and so on and so on.


9.  Photo Albums have been re-arranged

The first thing I noticed about my photos and videos was that the albums had all bee re-arranged according to the time and location of the photos, or whether there was a bunch of similar photos, or whether there was a combination of video and still photography.  This makes it much easier to find and share your happy memories!


10.  News feed has been revamped

I like my easy to read News feed, just a few headlines is enough for me, and if I want to read further, or surf to more headlines, it is as simple as one touch, and I am away.  I also like certain subject areas such as tech news and sports news, and now I can keep everything simple, which suits me just perfectly!


11.  Phone calls are simpler

Who would have thought?  Fewer touches to connect a call, voicemail transcription, and more apps have been made available for talk options, so now you can choose how and when you want to talk.


12.  Emojis have been updated

In case you hadn’t already subscribed to the latest and greatest list of emojis, Apple iOS 10 has now brought them to you!  There are heaps more of them to choose from, there are bigger ones so that you can see them better, and you might even see emojis popping up as replacement text for some words such as happy or sad when you are typing a message!


13.  Send button and other fancy stuff

“Send” has now been replaced with a blue up arrow, so you need to get used to the new symbology.  Not only that, you might find some fancy options such as balloons, or fireworks when it comes to sending a message.

I know it is all a bit different at first, but just run with it, and have a bit of fun.  Try holding the send button for a moment longer, and check out the options!  Try pressing on the message bubble and see what happens!


Download your copy of Apple iOS 10 today!

There are all kinds of special effects and fancy stuff, but I haven’t finished playing my way through all of that just yet – let me know if you discover any more hidden gems on your Apple iOS 10.

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