Apple iPad 2 Launching in Early 2011

Apple’s Tablet PC, the iPad’s second version is expected to hit the market by early 2011. Apple has sold more than 7 million iPads as of now.


The introduction of the iPad revolutionized the tablet PC world. Since then many new tablets have been introduced, but none of them were as successful as the iPad. Even those who claimed themselves as the iPad killers were killed by the iPad.

But, this situation may not hold for longer. Recent tablets are coming out with loads of new features which the iPad lack in it, like the absence of a camera. So Apple has taken a right decision in introducing the second and improved version of the iPad.

The iPad will hit the market in the first quarter of 2011 and will have dual-cameras and FaceTime video calling, Retina display and possibly a Sim card slot. These features are expected, there is no much information about any possible redesign of the iPad. The iPad 2 may stick to the design of its predecessor.

We need to wait to see what miracles the new device is gonna make.

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