Apple iPad Vs Motorola Xoom Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you are planning to get a tablet PC, then your top three priorities should be the, Apple iPad or the Motorola Xoom or the Samsung Galaxy tab. There are other great tablets like the HP TouchPad or the Blackberry PlayBook. But they are not available in the market.


These three tablets are the top 3 powerful and most selling tablet PCs as of now. The Galaxy tab and Xoom comes with Android Honeycomb 3.0 and the iPad 2 with iOS 4.3.1. Both are great Operating Systems with great features. But iPad has more apps and there are only a few specific apps that had been created for the Honeycomb. Take a look at this comparison table for these 3 devices created by Maggadget

Galaxy Tab is highly portable since it is light weight and small in size so it can be easily carried around. Whereas the iPad though heavy, has great multimedia capabilities and the Xoom as many reviews says, is great for Web browsing.

There are many pros and cons for each device, take a look at this video created by the people at PCworld, which compares these three tablets. This should give you a better picture of the best one here.

Samsung Galaxy Tab’s WiFi version tops the bestsellers list for tablets at Amazon, but the scenario is changing too often to take it under consideration. In a study conducted by Consumer Reports, which compared tablets from Apple, Archos, Dell, Motorola and Samsung rated the iPad as the best one.

All these tablets look good, but it is your needs and desires which can decide the best one for you. Share your thoughts below through comments.