April Fool’s Day [Infographic]

April fool’s day is celebrated in most of the countries around April 1 of every year. On April 1 people play pranks on their friends and others. Sometimes it is called as the All fool’s day and is widely celebrated and recognized though it is not a national holiday. The day is of great cultural and social importance in many parts of the world,


Lab42 did some research around the April fool’s day and came out with a “wonderfool” infographic. This survey was taken fully using social media and networking sites and the results are quite funny. People like to prank their friends than any other person on this day followed by others.

Facebook is the most used tool to prank others and changing the clock’s time and sticking coins to the floor are the most favorite pranks of all time. Take a look at this for yourself and share your experiences you had on the All fool’s day ! 😀

Via [Lab42]