Artificial Intelligence: Upcoming Trends To Watch Out For

Artificial Intelligence

AI: Upcoming Trends

We hear about artificial intelligence pretty often these days. In fact, it seems to be ruling our understanding about how machines, businesses, and how technology works. Despite the public perception of AI, it has historic roots. We started using it in the 1950s in academic disciplines. It was never thought to rule our daily lives. However, Artificial Intelligence has undoubtedly changed how companies have grown and prospered in the 21st Century. It can be used in the business industry to better understand customers and to replace redundant jobs. This makes an opening for more higher lever and specialized jobs. The following article highlights some of the AI trends to look out for:


Artificial Intelligence in App Development

Applications used to be highly fragmented when applications were developed for Android. Now the whole environment has become much more integrated. This means that voice interfaces like Siri have been integrated into the applications and has been an essential part of mobile app development. This has grown tremendously in the last couple of years and it was reported that four billion connected things were in use in 2014 alone. App development is one of the most lucrative fields to go into and artificial intelligence practices are making it even more so in the current technological climate. We as a society are becoming more and more dependent on apps, and artificial intelligence units like Siri and Cortana. These things are all responsible for making the lives of the general masses a little bit easier every single day.


Artificial Intelligence in Data Analytics

Cognitive artificial intelligence is an extremely important factor in data analytics. It has the ability to unlock the trapped value of data and produce highly advanced data analytics that integrates itself amongst other analytical processes. This makes more a thorough understanding of the consumer. These are constantly being updated and are evolving faster, combining data in fresh ways to discover new trends and insights into your business.

AI Start Ups

Huge company giants like Google, Microsoft, Intel, and Apple are competing with each other in the race to dominate the Artificial Intelligence Industry. The technology world is already accepting Artificial Intelligence applications in every source and other companies acquired nearly 140 companies that are working behind Artificial Intelligence in 2011. Start ups are becoming a huge trend effecting artificial intelligence in the business world.

Artificial Intelligence for Language Learning

The next big target for AI researchers is language learning. The techniques that have produced a lot of progress in voice and image recognition may also help computers to sift through and generate language more efficiently. This is a huge goal in artificial intelligence and the idea of it coming into fruition now is very exciting. Better language understanding has the possibility of making machines even more useful. However, there is still a lot of work left considering the sheer complexity of the human’s use of language.  Obviously, expect some advancement on this front very soon.

Chat Bots use Artificial Intelligence

Chat bots can be experienced almost anywhere in the world. It is hard to call a company and speak to a person on your first try. This is an easy way to share the work load, and is an efficient way of sorting through the initial swarm of phone calls that large companies are bound to go through.  This is also known as artificial conversational entity and is designed to simulate an actual person as a conversational partner.  All the big tech giants use this, as well as smaller companies. Siri and Cortana both fall into the chatbot category. It is incredible that they are able to truly revolutionize the user experience. All with the help of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Hardware

Most big tech companies like Google, Intel, and Microsoft, are investing a lot of money into AI with hardware designs. This is helpful to the acceleration of the next generation of application development. For example, Google has introduced TensorFlow, a framework that have come up with hardware implementation- a Tensor Processing Unit- that accelerates distinct machine learning functions. This is something that helps their business to produce more up to date cognitive artificial intelligence processes.


Artificial Intelligence is here to stay

Most tech nowadays is made to be incredibly advanced by the use of artificial intelligence. Of course, we haven’t made it to the point where computers and machines rule the world and have exterminated the need for human activity, we do live in a time where computers and technical advancement is able to open doors to business opportunities and efficiencies that would not have been possible in prior generations. These artificial intelligence trends are the most helpful to the advancement of these exciting and extremely necessary technologies.