Automate Your Android Phone With Microsoft on{X}

You can automate your android phone to make it do wonders for you. Like reminding you to take an umbrella if it is going to rain or reminding you to go to the gym, if you haven’t been there for more than a few days. Even more, you can do stuff like letting your girlfriend know where you are when she texts you “Where are You ?” (might not be good for some guys though).

The idea looks interesting, right ? There are a quite a few apps for Android that does this stuff, but Microsoft (yeah, you read it right) has refleased a new app, named on{x} that can automate your Android phone with much ease.


Microsoft has launched on{x} only in the Android platform. All you have to do is go to the Google Play Store and download on{x} [QR Code]. Once you download it, you’ll be asked to login through Facebook. Once you are done with it, you can go to the website for on{x} and login there with your Facebook account too.

Once it is done, you get to create what is known as recipes. Each recipe is like an automated task. You need to create a recipe online before using it on your Android phone. There are several built in recipes, which you can use right from there. But if you want to do more, the code for each action, which is basically written in javascript, so easier to use, is available for free to everyone. You can use it to create your own custom recipes and share it with the world if you wish.

Though it is a wonderful app, it has been rated so badly in the Play store and the main reason is because Microsoft hasn’t offered any other authentication method other than Facebook. They might not get a favourable rating at the Play store unless they give users multiple options on this front. Many users feel reluctant to share these stuff on their Facebook wall. However, you can always set the privacy settings of the app to “only me” to make sure the app updates aren’t being seen by anyone.

The app has a lot of potential and it is highly user friendly. If there had been an ability to create new recipes right from the phone, it would’ve been much better. Take a look at this video below to know how it actually works.

Anyways, the app is free to use and it is quite user friendly and is good in its purpose. So give it a try.

Automate your android phone with Microsoft on{x} and if you face any problem in the process, do let us know and we’ll help you solve it.If you are using any other automation app, do let us know. We are preparing a list for the next article. Stay update, subscribe to the feed.