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We all do a lot of work on the internet and almost all our social networking accounts are interlinked to each other. With lots of social networking accounts in hands, we tend to update the same bio, profile picture and other stuff across all accounts, right? In such situations, we are prone to getting tired to change the same everywhere. Why not automate those?

If someone tagged you in a photo on Facebook, can we program an application to automatically send the photo to our Dropbox account? If we change the profile photo on Facebook, can the same be updated in Twitter without our manual job? Can we send Instagram photos to Facebook, Dropbox account or to our email automatically? The answers to all these questions is Yes, and the thing needed is IFTTT.


On starting with IFTTT, everything might seem very new and hard. But the thing is that the underlying concept is really simple and easy and coupled with this guide, creating tasks and working with IFTTT becomes an easy job. 🙂

What’s IFTTT and How it Works?

IFTTT is a pretty cool web application or service that lets you set tasks called “Recipes”. The “Recipes” are basically built by two things. The “Triggers” and the “Actions”. You can set the input as the “Trigger” and the output as the “Action”.

Example : If you want to send photos from Facebook to your Dropbox account every time you are tagged, the “Trigger” is “Every time you are tagged in a photo on Facebook” and the “Action” is “Send to Dropbox”. Get the logic behind IFTTT?

What are Channels?

Channels are the basic building blocks of IFTTT. There are various channels like Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, Email, RSS Feed, Weather, Instagram, Foursquare, Gmail, Google Reader, SMS and a lot more. Each channel has it’s own “Triggers” and “Actions”.

Creating Your First Recipe

This 7 steps process is really simple and in this short guide to create a “Recipe”, let us consider creating a task of sending the tagged photos in Facebook directly to Dropbox account.

#Step 1 – Choosing Trigger Channel

The first step while creating a “Recipe” is to select the “Trigger” channel. Once you land in the Create Recipe page, you will have to click on the bold this to display the list of “Trigger” channels available.

If This Then That Trigger

If you choosing a channel, you will have to authorize for the first time. Now, in the list of available channels, click on Facebook and link to your Facebook account.

Choosing Trigger Channel

#Step 2 – Choosing the Trigger

Now, we have to select the “Trigger” from the list of available options. As for Facebook “Triggers” in IFTTT, there are 5 options for us. They are –

  1. New status message by you
  2. New link post by you
  3. You upload a new photo
  4. You are tagged in a photo
  5. Your profile changes

It’s our job to select one “Trigger” among these. As for this tutorial, let us select the fourth “Trigger”, that’s the “You are tagged in a photo”.

Choose a Trigger

#Step 3 – Complete Trigger Fields

This section is where you have to add details of your “Trigger”. For “Trigger” channels like RSS you will have the option to enter the RSS feed address here and once you are done with filling the necessary fields, click on the “Create Trigger” button.

As for now, we don’t have any field to fill since Facebook “Triggers” don’t come with any fields. Just linking your Facebook account to Facebook Channel will do good.

With this done, we have defined our “Trigger”. Now, it’s time to define our “Action”. Now click the bold that to define your “Action”.

If Facebook Then That Action

#Step 4 – Choose Action Channel

Like you did earlier, you will have to choose another channel now but this time for “Action”. Since we want the tagged photos from Facebook to be kept in Dropbox, let us now choose the Dropbox channel. If you are choosing Dropbox for the first time, you will have to authorize once again.

Choose Action Channel

#Step 5 – Choose Action

It’s time to choose the “Action” now. Dropbox has three “Actions”. They are –

  1. Add file from URL
  2. Create a text file
  3. Append to a text file

As for now, we will have to choose “Add file from URL” to download the tagged photo right to our Dropbox account.

Choose an Action

#Step 6 – Complete Action Fields

In this section, we will have to fill int he necessary fields that design the way how photos are pulled from Facebook tagged photos and where they are put in the Dropbox folder.

As for now, we have to fill in the “File URL” and “Dropbox folder path” fields. Filling these fields can be done with the help of special built-in codes called “Ingredients”. The “Ingredients” option is available on the right side of that page in a drop down list.

Select one and add that to the “File URL” field. In the “Dropbox folder path” field, type the necessary folder path where your tagged photos are supposed to be kept in your Dropbox folder.

As per the above image, the tagged photos will be dumped in a folder named “Tagged” inside the folder “Facebook” which is further inside “IFTTT” in the Dropbox folder. Now click on “Create Action”.

Complete Action Fields

#Step 7 – Create and Activate

The algorithm that defines the “Trigger” and “Action” is now set and it’s time for us to add a short description and create the “Recipe”. Once you are done typing the necessary description, click “Create Recipe” and you are done. 🙂

Create and Activate


Your Recipe is “On” and The Magic Works

The “Recipe” that you made now has just been turned activated and it’s time for the magic to work! From now on, whenever you are tagged in a photo in Facebook, the photo will automatically find it’s place in your Dropbox too and please be patient. The process will take around 5 minutes to take place and the photo will be in your Dropbox within 5 minutes. I assure you that.

Send Facebook Tagged Photos to Dropbox

Check out Other Popular Recipes

In addition to making your “Recipes”, you can also make use of the “Recipes” made by others. Other popular IFTTT users would have previously made some useful “Recipes” which you can use and activate in your account. Check out the popular “Recipes” here!

Woah! That was cool, agree? In the tiresome Internet world we live in, these kinds of apps are our live savers and prove to lessen our job. What are you up to now? Head to IFTTT and start creating “Recipes” and share them with this world. Make sure to drop in your favorite “Recipes” and “Recipes” made by you here in the comments section.