Axleration Installs the Facebook Comments Box

That’s it. You read the topic clearly. So why this sudden decision? We here at Axleration have been getting loads and loads of comments daily. In order to get more social with the Axleration readers, we have thought about adding the Facebook commenting system to our blog. SWhat’s the benefit? What are the cons for bloggers? Head down to know more.


The new commenting system by Facebook was released ages ago. Yet, we did not add that to our site. We waited for others to give it a go and then review it. After considering with a lot of friends using this Facebook comments box, we ended up with a new, neat looking piece here at Axleration.

[stextbox id=”info”]What’s Facebook thought regarding this new Facebook comments box?[/stextbox]

Facebook, in it’s official developers blog says “With the Comments Box, Facebook users on your site can comment on your content, post those comments to their profiles, and share them with their friends on Facebook. The Comments Box allows non-Facebook users to make comments on your site as well. And via our APIs, you can access related comments made on Facebook as well to bring the conversation together.

[stextbox id=”info”]A look at this new Facebook Comments Box[/stextbox]

Did you take a break to see the comments box above? As you can see above, the comments box will display your name, your info on Facebook and also the comments are threaded. It means that you can reply to certain comment and also mention people like you do in Facebook. If you do not wish to publish a certain comment to your Facebook wall, you can remove the check mark and it won’t publish the comment to your wall.

To see this comments box in live, scroll down to the bottom of the page. And also don’t forget to drop in comments.


And next, the publishers can use their CSS skills and entirely change the look and feel of the comments box. As Facebook says, the readers can drop in comments with their Facebook account and also the non-Facebook users can drop in comments. After commenting, the Facebook can get notified of a new reply too. The notifications will pop up in their Facebook account. For more information, check this above video.

[stextbox id=”info”]What does this new comments box mean to other bloggers?[/stextbox]

Well, as you have discovered, other bloggers will not be much interested in dropping comments as it does not have the comluv plugin enabled. The plugin cannot be installed in this comments box. So the amount of comments from the bloggers side will be reduced, but we hope that other readers will he happy about this new change.

So what do you think about this immediate change? Share your thoughts with us below in the comments section. Happy commenting.