Axleration is Now a Do Follow Blog

Good News Folks ! Axleration joins the club of Do Follow blogs. Say bye to the evil no follow attribute.

From now on, whenever you write a comment in axleration, your link will be followed by search engines and it becomes a backlink. It increases your pagerank and visibility in search engines. A single comment won’t influence your search results, it should be at least 10 or nearer to it to have any effect.

Why this decision ?

I have decided to change Axleration to a Do Follow Blogs because I respect my commentators. Those talkative guys encourage me and help me to improve myself and the Blog. It is in this way I can respect them back. So now when you comment in Axleration, you are gaining a backlink to your site.

How it Works ?

Normally when you comment in Axleration, you will be provided with a URL field. People who own a blog or website will fill it with their site’s name. It will be converted into a link when they post comments. But to prevent spamming these links are usually given the no follow attribute, which means search engines won’t consider those links as backlinks and those links won’t influence your search results.

But now Axleration gives Do Follow attribute to those links which make them valuable and meaningful. Now each time you comment, you are gaining some valuable backlink.

What is your gain ?

As I said before, when you fill the URL field with your site name, it will be converted into Do follow links which in turn gives you a good amount of traffic and search engine positions. But it is not possible with a single comment, you need to comment often to get a good amount of traffic and reasonable changes in search results and Pagerank.


So what you are waiting for now ? Start commenting. 🙂