Be The Real Spy With This New App


Always Fascinated about James Bond and other Spies ? Here is the new app for your iPhone and Blackberry, which will make you Bond for sure. SpoofCard is a spoofing Application which helps you to protect your privacy and at the same ime to spy at others.

What’s a SpoofCard?

SpoofCard offers the ability to change what someone sees on their caller ID display when they receive a phone call. Simply dial SpoofCard’s toll free number or local access number in your country and then enter your PIN. You’ll then be prompted to enter the destination number followed by the phone number to appear on caller ID. It’s that easy!

How much does it cost?

The SpoofCard App is free, and credits are available from just $4,95 for 25 credits which will give you 25 minutes of Spoof Calls. International calls are slightly more expensive and are depending on which country you call to. Start spoofing from just $4,95 with the official Spoofcard!


Caller ID Spoofing

Call someone from your phone and the persons Caller ID displays the number that you intend them to see by simply changing the number in the Spoofcard app.

Disguise Your Voice

Change the tone of your voice to the point that you will be unrecognizable even to your closest friends and family. Spoofcard even enables you to select a male or female voice!

Record Your Calls

The Spoofcard is perfect for capturing important information or simply to keep a phone call as a backup for future reference.