BitTorrent App for iPhone and iPod Touch – IS Drive

Apple have lots of restrictions for approving apps in the app store. But even then a torrent downloading app has won its entry in to the App store.

The application’s name is IS Drive, formerly called as Jacktorrents. This app allows users of Imageshack’s torrent service to easily manage and download their torrent files. But this app is not for free, it costs you $4.99 to use it in your iPhone/iPod Touch.

Note that this app works for iPhone/iPod Touch with iOS firmware 4.0 or above.  It is also said that it won’t work properly with 3GS.

I’ve rebooted my iPhone 3GS three times, but the app still won’t let me log in… Fix it and it might be a good app, until then, I can only say it doesn’t even work – Nicholas Young

You can download this app from the app store here.


Try the app and share your experience with us 🙂