BlackBerry Messenger Like App For Android and iPhone

BlackBerry messenger is a great asset for BlackBerry devices. BBM allows us to have real time chat with other BlackBerry users by forming a closed network. It lets us share pictures, have group chats and do much more. Talk with a BlackBerry user and you’ll know how much he loves the BBM.


We have been looking for an app that would pretty much do the same in Android and iPhone. We had rumors that RIM might release a stripped down version of its BBM for other platforms for a price. But who wants a stripped down paid app when you could get the whole thing for free ?

Yes, there is an app named kik that is pretty much capable of doing what the BBM does in BB, on other platforms (Read iPhone and Android). This app tells you when a message has been sent, delivered, read, and even when someone is typing back, turning regular messaging into real-time conversations.

It also allows you to share photos privately and have some closed group discussions. It is fast, neat and clean. This app is free to download and it is free to send and receive texts. You’ll love it when you start using it.

Download Kik Messenger

from iTunes or Android Market

Try this app and let us know what you know about it. If you know any other better messenger app, let us know and we would share it with the rest of our readers. Happy real time messaging.