Blogger Adds Threaded Comments Option

One thing that most people used to hate with the commenting system that Blogger provides is the lack of option for people to reply to general comments made in the post. But now, as you read in the title, Google has now hit the Enable button for the Blogger comments box which allows users to make threaded comments in a post in a Blogger blog. Once you find yourself in front of a comment made in a Blogger blog, and wish to reply to that comment, here is the option to do so.


While many users have been demanding the introduction of the threaded comments box for their Blogger blogs, Google was sitting idle in the corner. But now, Google has found that the demand for this threaded comments system has found it’s place in the top of the forums section, Google decided to roll out this all new threaded comments system.

If you are a blogger using Google’s Blogger platform to power your blog, you will of course like this new update. It is sure to set your blog on fire and increase the conversation made between your blog visitors. If you want to enable this all new feature in your Blogger blog, head to the Other option available in the Settings tab. Therein lies a section labeled Allow Blog Feed. In the list of options available there, hit the Full button.

Also, navigate to Posts and comments section of the Settings tab. Therein lies a section named Comment location. In the list of options available there, hit the Embedded button and that makes sure to display the comments section below the posts’ content and does not open in a new pop up box.

What’s your thought on this new update? Is Blogger too late on this new update or will this new update prove to be successful? Have you enabled this new feature in your Blogger powered blog? What change have you experienced after this new update? Has the comments count multiplied by several figures. Do drop in your comments below in the comments section.