4 Reasons Why to Choose Blogger Over WordPress

The names Blogger and WordPress, undoubtedly denote the top blogging platforms out there on the web for one’s use. Blogger, on one hand, is provided by the internet giant Google. While on the other hand, WordPress is a free, open source blogging platform. The Blogger service by Google allows users round the world, with a Google account, to easily create their own blogs within seconds. While on the other hand, WordPress powered blogs need hosting.


With these two blogging platforms having their own pros and cons, it becomes really a hard job to choose one for blogging. Personally I have come across many of my friends asking me for the better blogging platform to choose. If you are newbie to blogging, Google’s Blogger is the option for you. If you are a person with less tech knowledge, Google’s Blogger is the option for you. Herein, as the title says, I highlight four main reasons why you should choose Blogger as your blogging platform.

[stextbox id=”info”]#1 Requires No Hosting[/stextbox]

One thing that I really love with Blogger is that, Blogger blogs require no hosting. The hosting process is all in the hands of Google and Google will take care of the charges. Also, with Google’s hosting, blogs powered Google’s Blogger are unimaginably fast. If you are using WordPress, the speed of your site depends upon your hosting plans. If you are using a free hosting site, your site is sure to be very slow and also crash at times.

While Blogger provides a great deal of hosting, it becomes really a ton of fun blogging with Google’s Blogger as the blogging platform. Also, one ought to follow the Blogger’s guidelines in order to keep one’s blog safe. If you are prone to breaking rules, Google is sure to kick your blog out of the blogging niche.

[stextbox id=”info”]#2 East to Use and Comes With Lots of Features[/stextbox]

While most of the WordPress geeks out there brag about the power of WordPress, with it’s ultimate collection of themes and plugins, there is nothing wrong with Blogger. Blogger being the internet giant’s blogging platform, it comes with lots of features. Blogger users indeed have a built-in theme customizer and there are lots of themes available for Blogger.

It was a few months back when Google launched the all new interface for the Blogger users. With the days passing, Google is on the verge of adding more and more features to the Blogger platform and hence make using it really fun. As we know, Blogger is the home to billions and billions of blogs out there and the features have been impressing lots of users. Hence, there is no reason for quitting Blogger and moving on to WordPress. If you have been a Blogger user or planning to use Blogger for the first time, it is indeed a great option to go with. Blog at Blogger and enjoy the features it provides.

[stextbox id=”info”]#3 Free Domain[/stextbox]

While blogging beginners are entirely new to the blogging concept, Google is here to give them a free custom domain (.blogspot.com) for their use. While the premium domains are charged, Blogger’s free custom domain allows users to blog with freely without any charge. As said earlier, Blogger takes care of the hosting and also, Blogger provides you with a free custom domain. With all these free options, why is the need to choose WordPress?

[stextbox id=”info”]#4 Auto Upgrades[/stextbox]

WordPress is actually a software they will let you to power your blog. A software, as we all know, has to be upgraded each time when a new version is available. In WordPress, upgrading the software is under the control of the site admin. But in Blogger, Google automatically rolls out new features or an entire new version of the platform to all users.

With all the above mentioned reasons why should one move to WordPress if one is using Blogger? If you are a Blogger user, do be proud and happy to use that as your blogging platform. Also, do drop in your Blogger or WordPress blog URL at the comments section available below. Also, mention your blogging platform in the comments section. That will get an idea to the visitors which one to choose.