Blogspot Domains Get Redirected to Country Specific URLs

To prevent law fights for no reasons, Google has now come up with a new feature or trick, whatever. As you read in the title, in a matter of days, you will find the U.S. version of the blogspot blogs getting themselves redirected to their country based domain. For example, if you are viewing a blogspot blog from India, it will automatically get redirected to As of now, Google has already begun the process of redirecting Indian blogspot blogs to the country based blogspot domain


With the redirection process in a full swing, Google gives the reason for this new change as to not get caught in the hands of the local government. If any content is seemed offensive in a particular country and the court of that respective country orders Google to take down the content or the full site, the site will get taken down only in that country. The U.S. version of that particular blog will continue living in this tech world.

[stextbox id=”info”]Consequences of this new change[/stextbox]

While lots of blogspot bloggers begin wondering about the loss of search ranks, traffic and SEO, Google assures them that the users will won’t face these problems. Blogspot bloggers need not worry about SEO as Google is mentioning the U.S. version of the blogspot blogs, that is, as the canonical version by inserting the tag rel=canonical. Once Google mentions the version as the canonical version, people won’t see two URLs for the same content. This confirms the fact that this new change won’t affect the blogspot bloggers.

In spite of this assurance, most of the blogspot bloggers have already started experiencing their loss of the blog’s PR and other search ranks. As reported a blogspot blogger found his blog pushed to the extreme end in the list of Alexa ranking. But you gotta notice that, the PR of the remains as the same. Also, as noted, once redirected, your blogspot blog is sure to lose all those social media share counts. If your posts had an average of 50 Facebook likes each, once redirected, you will sadly notice that the value will be tumbled to 0.

[stextbox id=”alert”]What you must do to stay safe?[/stextbox]

If you want to protect your blog, you better buy your own custom top level domain and set that. With the custom domains facing no problems due to this change, it is better that you buy your own custom domain now and redirect your blogspot blog to that. If you want to know more about this new change, check out this post in the Blogger Help section.