How Does Broadband Work? – A Simple Explanation


When the internet was first available, users were able to connect to the internet using a modem that converted the signals from computers so they were able to travel on phone lines. It also converted signals from the phone line so they could travel to the computer. This first internet option was known as “dial up” and it was a very slow way to access things online. It also had the problem of tying up the phone line as well. So, how does broadband work?

Basically broadband replaced the single band that was used with dial up and it offers various separate bands. Separate bands were available for voice, downloading, uploading, and more. By adding these separate bands, it allows you to go much faster when you are online. A broader band is offered instead of one, single, narrow band. This is how it got the name, “broadband.”

Different Types of Broadband

Now that you understand a bit more about how broadband works, it’s important to note that different types of broadband are available. Here is a look at several types of broadband that are available today.

ADSL Broadband

One of the available types of broadband is known as ADSL. To use this type of broadband special hardware is needed, such as microfilters, and a router or modem. This type of broadband is available via copper wires from local phone exchanges. Usually special software will be needed from your internet service provider to get you set up with your connection.unifi

Cable Broadband

Another type of broadband is known as cable broadband. This is a very popular choice today, since users are able to use their cable wiring to connect to the internet through their cable service. This is done with fibre-optic cables and this allows speeds that are much faster, although this type of broadband isn’t as available as the ADSL broadband connection.

Satellite Broadband

While satellite broadband is still being developed, it is available today. You need to have a satellite dish, just as you would with satellite television. Many people who live in very rural areas find that this is the only option available to them. Keep in mind that bad weather can cause problems with this type of services.

Mobile Broadband

One of the newest broadband forms available today is known as mobile broadband. Special data cards or USB devices can be used to allow you access to the internet. However, you need a mobile phone signal to get that access. This is becoming more popular today as people look for ways to easily get internet service while on the go.

Broadband internet definitely offers much better speeds than the old dial up method of connecting. No matter your needs, you are sure to find a type of broadband that will provide you with the internet connection you need.

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