Can We Trust Google Anymore ? [Infographic]

Google is the king of online search, advertising, tube videos and a lot more. Google’s unofficial motto was “Do no Evil”. We ain’t sure if it is the case now, Google has been a part of various privacy scams in the past years. We all know that Google tracks all your online activity involving Google products to serve you ads that are best suitable for you. Though many people don’t like it, Google is not going to stop that in the near future.


With various scams pointing at Google, like the Safari cookie issue, street view privacy claims and lot more, can we trust Google anymore ? This infographic answers this ultimate question, not directly, but rather it shows you Google’s path in the past years and leaves the decision in your hands.

Take a look at this infographic for yourself and let us know what you think about Google and do you trust it anymore ?

Via [BackgroundCheck]