Change Your Digg Profile Username

Digg is the most famous social bookmarking site. Digg has recently made several new changes to the site and it look entirely different now. One important feature is the Username URL feature. Like Stumbleupon, Digg gives you  a option to choose a Personal URL, which shows all your Diggs (eg – )

If you are already having a username and if you want to change it for any reasons, for example if you want to change your Digg username in to your Brand name then you can do it now.

Change Your Digg Profile Username

1. Go to Digg’s Contact page.

2. Enter your current Username and the email address associated with your Digg account

3. In the Message field, explain your need for changing the username in a detailed manner and send it to the Digg team. They will review it and will help you in changing your Username.

If you find these procedures difficult, then you can create a new account with your desired username at anytime.