How To: Check Duplicate Content in Guest Posts Before Publishing

When it comes to content writing on the web, it is a must that one mustn’t copy content from others’ blogs or websites. If you happen to copy content from another blog of the same niche or different, your content will be marked as a copied content. Copying is a thing that you must never ever do to take your blog to the top in the niche. If you want to get ranked well in Google and get a better position in the blogosphere, it would be a lot better if you don’t copy and author your own posts.


And also, most of the top blogs out there have already begun allowing other authors to submit guest posts. Guest posting is a part of blogging that will certainly boost your blog’s reputation on the web. By guest posting, both the author and the host get benefited. And putting these two ideas together, I, herein, suggest a good tool that will prove to be handy to bloggers like you to check out copied content from publishing the guest posts on your blog.

If a guest blogger submitted content on your blog and asked you to review it and publish, here comes a handy tool called Plagiarism Checker with which you can actually scan for plagiarized content. If the content by the author is copied from somewhere, the tool shows you the link from which the post was copied and also it scans each line one by one.

  • Head to Plagiarism Checker.
  • In the shown textbox copy and paste the text from the guest post. The words’ count will be shown below.
  • Choose the search engine with which you want to scan in the available three options: Google, Yahoo and MSN. Google being the best, that will do good.
  • And now, hit the “Search” button.
  • The page processes and the results will be displayed on the screen. If a particular line is not copied, the text “No plagiarism detected” will be shown in yellow color and the text is fine to be published.

Why Choose This Tool?

While there are numerous tools available on the internet to check plagiarized content, I, in my view, suggest you using this for two reasons. One, instead of copy pasting content you can alternatively upload .txt file and search within a jiffy. Two, you can use the other mode available called the “New version” that will actually scan each and every word and revert you back the results. Instead of scanning each line, scanning each and every word is much better, right?